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May 24, 2006 - Ramos-Horta calls for Australian troops to complete the genocide that the indonesian muslims were forced to interrupt in September 1999 After five years finally an update of this page. As the satanic illuminati agents that played once the role of resisters now continue the genocide that the indonesian muslim government was forced to interrupt in 1999.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Christian resisters of East Timor, end times hero Bishop Belo and the Great Tribulation

Christian resisters of East Timor, end times hero Bishop Belo and the Great Tribulation

May 24, 2006 - Ramos-Horta calls for Australian troops to complete the genocide that the indonesian muslims were forced to interrupt in September 1999

After five years finally an update of this page. As the satanic illuminati agents that played once the role of resisters now continue the genocide that the indonesian muslim government was forced to interrupt in 1999.

In 1975 East Timor was  the largest natural society left in the world. The genocide of more than 200,000 christian martyrs by the indonesian military, from 1975 to 1999, assisted by the illuminati governments, was one of the key events announcing the Great Tribulation.

The illuminati awarded Bishop Belo from Dili the Nobel Peace Prize in 1996 (unprecedented, never awarded to a true resister previously) because the Prize was to be shared with their agent Jose Ramos-Horta. Setting the stage for the satanic task that Ramos-Horta should fulfill later.

Bishop Belo was the only catholic Bishop in the world that did stand up against evil in the Vatican, as the Great Tribulation started, and  the satanists in the Catholic Church finally let the mask fall completely, officially proclaiming that they now totally control the Vatican.

May 24, 2006, 10 years later, Ramos-Horta can complete the task he started as the satanic United Nations occupied East Timor. The task he was assigned, well before he was awarded  the Nobel Peace Prize. This is how the illuminati media reports it: :

AUSTRALIAN troops or police could be on the streets of Dili as early as tomorrow after East Timor invited foreign peacekeepers to end fighting between the nation's military and disgruntled ex-soldiers.

Australia had yet to confirm the mission tonight, but East Timor's Foreign Minister Jose Ramos Horta said Australian and New Zealand personnel could land as early as tomorrow.

Personnel from New Zealand and Australia would "disarm renegade troops and police rebelling against the state," Dr Ramos Horta said.

"We have officially asked help from Australia, New Zealand, Portugal and Malaysia ... and so far Australia and New Zealand have promised to come immediately," he said.

Australia has had troops and warships on standby for the past fortnight, waiting for the call for help by the Timorese government amid mounting violence in the world's newest nation.

Gun battles raged around Dili for a second day running today and some Australian public servants were to be evacuated.

HMAS Kanimbla, which has been waiting in waters off Darwin, is likely to be the first in to action.

The amphibious warship HMAS Manoora and the heavy transport ship Tobruk have been stationed off Townsville awaiting any call for help. The Government may also deploy HMAS Adelaide, also stationed off Darwin.


Western Media repeat the role, in the second phase of the genocide of the Christians in Timor

More than 95 percent of the timorese are catholics. But in 2001 United Nations imposed them a Muslim head of the Government, Mari Alkatiri, descendant of iemenite emigrants. As always using “elections”.

Dozens of christian resiters have been murdered at the hands of the UN, since 2001,  under total silence of illumiati media worldwide. In one sentence: the same which happened from 1975 to 1999, the difference being that there were 200,000 christians murdered during that time.

Since the popular revolt started, seven months after the “election” of the the illuminat puppet, as the houses of Alkatiri and two of his brothers were set on fire, until now, as Australian military is sent to massacre the Christians resistence,  under the cover-up of a mission to fight renegades, western  media had had the same role as during the indonesian genocide between 1975 and 1999: censorship or to tell the facts the other way round.

For instance, last year - 2005 - as this UN puppet government legislated to ban christian signs and classes from schools, dozens of protesters where murdered then, under total silence of illumiati media worldwide. Only in Portugal's media a tip of the veil was raised, as shown by this story of newspaper Publico from Lisbon, of 2005-04-20:

 “the first-minister, Mari Alkatiri, it is to be accused [for the Church] to lead a ditatorial regimen for intending to ban Religion from  timorese schools. About five thousand manifestants who had yesterday congregated in the Avenue of the Human Rights, in Díli, did not cry slogans or showed posters. Helding images of Ours Lady of Fatima, praid the rosary and heard the words of religious leaders who had organized the protest. “We fight the ditatorial regimen of Alkatiri”, affirmed to the crowd the spokesman of the Diocese of Díli, priest Benâncio Araújo, cited by AFP. The priest appealed to other members of the Church to organize manifestations “to knock down the undemocratic system”.

The example of the Bishop Belo was not in vain. In Timor, one more time, we find the last catholic nation resisting the Antichrist.

24 May, 2006

Below the articles from 9 September 1999 to 30 June 2001

An alert was added to the The Noam Chomsky article below. Chomsky, another illuminati agent that used East Timor to gain the credibility to later fool freedom loving people, exposed here:

Manufacturing Consent by, pardon, with Noam Chomsky - ultimate example of how long illuminati agents can play debunker -video, May 2006

Mass media control and the genocide on the people of East Timor

Hiding the fate of East Timor's spiritual and political leaders

There were two bishops in Timor. Bishop Belo from Dili, was awarded the Nobel Peace Price in 1996.

His house was burnt, his nephew was one of the dozens of victims murdered as this took place. Indonesia murderous government didn't kill him just because of tactical reasons.

He was welcomed in the streets of Lisbon, September 10, by the largest crowd Western Europe or the US has seen in a political event for a couple of years (since Farrakhan's black men million march at Washington D.C.).

It was reported Bishop Basilio from Baucau was wounded but could be saved by the resistance and take refuge in the mountains.  Thanks God after 2 days there were good news about Bishop Basílio.

Xanana Gusmão, the political leader of the maubere people, was released two days ago, after 7 years in prison. He was referred often as the most prominent political prisioner of the world. He constantly appealed for reconciliation and peace. Now this is the man that Alatas, Wiranto & Co. expected to go to Timor and be murdered. Xanana was informed 24 hours ago his father has just been murdered in Dili. His sister and mother disappeared.

The western mass media  didn't mention any of the facts above.

Adapted from #200 from CNN Board "Indonesia and East Timor " (September 10, 1999)

Mother Madre Margarida
"Mother Madre" Margarida discussing with indonesian policemen, before the referendum; she was murdered yesterday, along with other nuns (from daily "Publico", September 10)


Hiding or trying to make genocide acceptable

Christians are being victims of genocide throughout the world, from Asia-Oceania (East Timor) to Europe (Kosovo) and Africa (Sudan).

The western mass media is hiding it (the exceptions being mass media with an international audience like CNN, NYT or BBC).

Check it, coast to coast (not a single reference to the ongoing genocide in East Timor in their front page) : Washington Post -  Chicago Tribune - Los Angeles Times

If not hiding then mass media tries to sell that genocide is acceptable. Example below : the New York Times, commented by James :

Will someone please tell Seth Mydans, the Times reporter on Timor these days, that the Indonesian army is now openly and directly participating in the carnage and deportations of Timorese, not merely assisting or standing by? This is important, because this pretense has allowed Western leaders the copout of calling on the Indonesian army to restore order - as if some other force were responsible for all this-, when the situation is simply outright genocide being carried out by the Indonesian army. Doesn't Mydans understand this? In the face of mass killing, Mydans wants the reader to instead think about the intricate relations within the Indonesian army and government, the instability of the country, Indonesia's fragile

democracy, etc. Important, yes, but only secondary to: 1) Finding ways of stopping this, and 2) Naming those complicit with the butchers and forcing them to put a halt to said aid. Ahh, but then point 2 would require facing up to his own government (the good guys, by definition).

His apologetic cynicism about the genocide is sickening: the situation in Timor "may provoke moral outrage," though interests vis-a-vis Indonesia with its more than 200 million people, blah, blah, blah. This is a tone which reminds one of the thirties: "yes, the slaughter of German Jews may provoke moral outrage (you naive people), but Western interests maintaining good relations with Germany will prevail".

Mydans thus carries "objective" reporting to a nauseating extreme, providing the US with excuses for its abuses rather than challenge those who are guilty or complicit in genocide to justify their acts.

Analytically, it is certainly true that interests (oil, arms, banks, etc) are why the US will not act in favor of the TImorese, yet Mydan's way of presenting the information reeks of justification.

Message #132 from CNN Board "Indonesia and East Timor " (September 9, 1999)

Establishing a false comparaison between Kosovo and East Timor

Why are people running for their lives

About the AFP news "Kosovo-style deportations suspected amid Timor massacres" : how can they title it "suspected" ? how can they compare it to Kosovo, with B-2, B-52, F-117 and so on attacking civilian targets around the clock with depleted uranium and fragmentation bombs ?

Message #105 from CNN Board "Indonesia and East Timor " (September 8, 1999)

International reaction

As Bishop Belo stated in his first religious service back in Lisbon, September 10 : "In Kosovo we did not see mosques being burnt or mullahs being murdered, before the international community reacted ...", while looking in the eyes of the Prime Minister of Portugal, Guterres.

Second difference : East Timor has never been recognized by the UN as part of Indonesia, where Kosovo is a part of Yugoslavia, which NATO was forced to recognize once again before Yugoslavia allowed NATO to enter Kosovo.

Third, there is a genocide ongoing in East Timor, there was a civil war going on in Bosnia and Kosovo.

The Western television networks keep not only concealing this but establishing false comparaisons. Let's check their night news editions, Sept. 11, which are representative : ZDF, Germany, 21:45 - "East Timor proves that the UN can't handle the problem, while in Kosovo NATO did the right job, even if took too long"; TVE, Spain, 21:00 - interview with a UN observer that returned from Timor, saying "we can't repeat Bosnia, where it took the UN years to act ..." (again genocide is being indirectly hidden here, as if you can stop genocide if you wait years ...)

By the way, concerning the hiding of information : this was the day a UN team was allowed to see the destruction of Dili (or at least what Indonesia allowed them to see) for the first time. Can you imagine the Spanish television showed no images of that, preferring to cover ca. 300 people demonstrating in Jakarta against independence of Timor ? Can you imagine there were no images of half a million people welcoming Bishop Belo in Lisbon ?  Spain, the only neighbour of Portugal ...

Hiding, in collusion with the UN,  a key piece of information that would have helped prevent genocide

The daily "DN" from Lisbon, in the Sept. 8 edition, was the only mass media to announce that the UN knew about everything but decided to ignore it. Xanana Gusmão and Bishop Belo had also warned several times about this. Below a transcript.

Everything what happened so far in Timor-East is in a report of an officer of the UNAMET directed to the head of the civil policy team of UNAMET dated August 1. The document  was simply ignored, and it has all the details of what has happened in the last days, disclosed yesterday the envoy of the RTP (portuguese Television) in Díli, Hernâni de Carvalho.

The document discloses a meeting July 24, between indonesian military and timorese pro-integration militias where everything was specified. The eventual defeat of the integration would be followed of some steps.

Intelligence would immediately provide five specialists to direct the terrorist operations during the campaign and in the period after the referendum.  Soon to follow, the pro-integrationists would refute the results. It happened. The terror campaign would have that to follow exactly what was necessary to banish the UNAMET.

In a document from the commander of the Halilintar militia, João Tavares, to the head of the BRTT, Lopes Da Cruz: six thousand people and two thousand M16 provided by the Armed Forces of Indonesia are prepared to enter in action the day the results will be announced. Pro-integration population would be taken to West Timor. The military would destroy everything from the border with West Timor until Dili ....

Another document of the SGI (private policy of Indonesian military) : the battalions 744 and 745 of Díli would supply the militias of Aitarak, Makikit, Halilintar and Mahidi. One also foresees the assassination of the leaders pro-independence must be made in the period of transition.

September 9, 1999

Why did NATO, invoking humanitarian reasons and without UN mandate, bomb Yugoslavia and occupied Kosovo and now the UN betrays the people of East Timor

The UN has organized the referendum and promised the martyrised people of East Timor it would stay after the election. Still, after six days of genocide, which started under their eyes two hours after the results were announced, the UN informs it will leave East Timor, while 2000 refugees are under siege at the UN compound. Those included the sister of Peace Nobel Price Ramos-Horta and her five children.

After this was announced 1000 people tried to escape the compound and seek refuge in the mountains, trying to take advantage of the night. Nobody can tell how many escaped the bullets of the militias.

Now, people don't understand the double standards Kosovo / East Timor.

No wonder. People are victims of the propaganda set by Clinton & Co., thanks to the total control of mass media, in order to attack Yugoslavia.

It's pathetic to see people appealing to Clinton to stop the genocide in East Timor.

How can one compare the genocide in East Timor with what was going on in Kosovo before the NATO bombings ?

Most of the civilian murdered in the year before the bombings in Kosovo were Serbs ! Still Clinton claimed that the reason to bomb Yugoslavia was to stop genocide of Kosovo Albanians.

Three months bombing followed. During the bombing more than 20000 UCK troops were fighting the Serbs. Clinton claimed that up to 50 000 civilians were massacred by the Serbs (this number was corrected by NATO to 10000 as the bombings ended, and to 4500 by Kouchner, the new administrator of Kosovo two weeks later).

Since NATO has been ruling Kosovo (mid June) with 36000 "peacekeepers", the results are (until September 4, 1999) : almost all Serbs and Gypsies (250 000 people) have been forced to leave Kosovo. 285 Serbian civilians murdered. 280 bodies found in graves. No data is available on how many of those bodies were Serbs, UCK troops or victims of the NATO bombs. almost all historical religious buildings of Kosovo destroyed. Interpol now estimates that 40 percent of the heroin supply in Western Europe travels through Kosovo.

Let's go back to the massacre of Liquiçá, April 8. Two days later, the Admiral in Command of the Pacific Fleet was assuring Indonesia with the US support to the militia actions in East Timor. This was uncovered by the Portuguese Television, Sept. 8, under dramatical circumstances (from the UN compound in Dili), according to confidential Pentagon documents.

Yes, April 8, as NATO was destroying Yugoslavia's infrastructure, killing innocent civilians and claiming the Serbs were commiting genocide ...

September 11, 1999

Choosing the "right" journalists

Hernâni Carvalho's reports for RTP from Dili, were an unprecedent breakthrough of pure air, of Truth and Honour into the portuguese television. He had a key role denouncing the genocide, the UN betrayal and the complicity of western leaders.

A few hours after the results of the referendum were known, Leandro Isaac, a leader of FRETILIN, with tears in his eyes, gave Hernâni the honour citizenship of Timor Lorosae.

Hernâni, 39, reported the despair of the UN mission chief, Ian Martin, as the militias were shooting the people seeking refuge in the UN compound and Martin called the UN asking for help, just to be informed that Kofi Annan did not want to be disturbed because of East Timor.

Hernâni Carvalho became a model to the portuguese people and in particular the youth. He is no more allowed to report about East Timor. RTP replaced him with the "right" journalists.

September 22, 1999

Email us with material about media's role in East Timor's genocide. Record the proofs, from newspapers, television or radio.

It's important to link to this page, part of a set which was built as a series of events unfolds, announcing the end of the second stage in the history of Mankind.

For the right to information. For the victims of genocide in Timor, Kosovo or Sudan. For the salvation of Mankind.

September 22, 1999

Procissao Fatima
October 28, Dili, only one out of five houses has not been burned or destroyed. Bishop Belo and his people, in the march for Our Lady of Fatima, which normally would have taken place October 13, the day of the last apparition in 1917.


Noam Chomsky links (attention: Noam Chomsky, an illuminati agent, see above update from May 2006!)

People around the world celebrated 1998 the 70th birthday of Noam Chomsky, considered by many the most important American intellectual alive. His work about the role of media in shaping public opinion has been brilliantly documented in the film "Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and The Media".

Don't miss these analysis of the author of "Necessary Illusions" :

September 22, 1999

United Nations spreading AIDS in Timor, June 2001, almost two years later

Government of the Australian Northern Territory accused the United Nations of spreading AIDS among the population of East Timor yesterday. 10 United Nations workers were diagnosed with AIDS at a hospital in Darwin, Australia after a tour of duty in East Timor. The former Indonesian province of East Timor is administered by the United Nations since its independence vote and a subsequent Australian military intervention in 1999. United Nations employs thousands of foreign workers in East Timor, coming from all over the world. Some are known as coming from sub-Saharan Africa. There were no significant reports of AIDS in the province reaching Australian media prior to 1999.

These news from PRAVDA.Ru, from June 30, 2001, were censored in Portugal. Two years later, and the UN continues their work destroying Timor.

June 30, 2001

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